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Title: GCSE Geography (8035) for exams from

2018 onwards

Exam Board: AQA


In Years 10 and 11, students work towards gaining their GCSE Geography qualification. Lessons include the application of examination skills to prepare students for GCSE examinations. The GCSE course is a linear course. This means that all examinations are taken at the end of Year 11.

This qualification is split into 3 distinct components, each of which is assessed by a separate examination.

Paper 1 Living with the Physical Environment (1 hour 30 mins)

  • Section A: The Challenge of Natural Hazards
  • Section B: The Living World
  • Section C: Physical Landscapes in The UK (Coasts & Rivers)

Paper 2 Challenges in the Human Environment (1 hour 30 mins)

  • Section A: Urban Issues and Challenges
  • Section B: The Changing Economic World
  • Section C: The Challenge of Resource Management (Food, Water & Energy)

Paper 3: Geographical Applications (1 hour 15 mins)

  • Section A: Issue Evaluation
  • Section B: Fieldwork & Geographical Skills

To help prepare students with GCSE Geography we offer a KS3 curriculum that links closely with the GCSE and provides students with the opportunity to develop their geographical knowledge and skills. In addition, students at Key Stage 3 follow a History course in accordance with the National Curriculum that seeks to underpin the skills required for their GCSE studies.

KS3 Humanities & Geography GCSE Long Term Plan



Autumn 1

(7 weeks)

Half Term

Autumn 2

(7 weeks)

Christmas Holidays

Spring 1

(6 weeks)

Half Term

Spring 2

(5 weeks)

Easter Holidays

Summer 1

(7 weeks)

Half Term

Summer 2

(6 weeks)


Introduction to the UK


Our Island - Land’s End to JOG. The UK & Europe. Exploring local Envronment. UK OS Maps



Medieval Realms


The Norman Conquest & Medieval Life. Crusades, Church v Crown, Black Death, Peasants Revolt.

Physical Landscapes in the UK


Physical processes, Rock Cycle, mountains, lakes, rivers & coasts.

Making of the UK


The Tudors & Stuarts.

Religion, Reformation, Dissolution, Tudor Life, Rebellion, Civil War & Restoration.

Work Rest and Play in the UK


Work, employment, transport, communication, sport


UK Weather

climate, effects on us, local differences, rain

Fieldwork Skills


Mapwork, using atlases, where in the world? Rivers & urban fieldwork skills.

(incude school sustainability project or river study)


18th & 19th Centuries


Empire & Transatlantic Slave Trade, plantation life and emancipation.


Living World


Small & large ecosystems. Biomes, bamboo, coral reefs, rainforests, our food.


Industrial & Agricultural Revolution.


Impact of change, rural to urban migration, new technology, manufacturing, transport etc,


Global Issues


Plastics, Global Warming, Climate Change (Bangladesh case study), Wilderness areas and sustainable tourism.




Causes of WWI, propaganda, Trench life, nature of warfare etc.



Our Physical World


Hazards, earthquakes, volcanoes & extreme weather.



Rise of the Nazis


Treaty of Versailles, Hitler’s rise to power, Nazism, life in Nazi Germany.


World Cities


Urbanisation, migration, megacities, housing the poor (India case study).


WWII & The Home Front


Key events – Dunkirk, Pearl Harbour, D-Day, Hiroshima etc.

The Home Front



The Holocaust


Kristallnacht, Genocide etc.


The Post War World

Communism V Capitalism, Arms Race, Cuba, Berlin Wall, JFK & Britain in 1960s


Living World


Eco systems, tropical rainforests. Malaysia Case Study.



Living World cont.


Hot deserts option. Thar Desert case study.




Natural Hazards


Tectonics, weather and climate change.



Resource Management


Food, water & energy in UK plus world food as option.




Economic Pt1


Development gap

Measuring Development



UK Physical Landscapes – Rivers


River processes, erosion, deposition, landforms, flood risks & management.



UK Physical Landscapes – Coasts


Coastal processes, erosion, deposition, landforms and coastal management.



Familiar & Unfamiliar Fieldwork


Field trip preparation, visit & write up (Brewery Square Dorchester & Lyme Regis)



Human - Urban Studies


Urbanisation, Urban UK and sustainable development.

Rio case study

Case study: Southampton or Bristol




Mock Preparation


Revision, re-visit key areas for development (use Personal Pupil Checklists).



Economic Pt2+3


Nigeria case study and UK economy.




Revision Programme & Pre-Release


Mock Review,

Pre-Release Paper, targeted revision


Final Revision.




Dates tbc.



KS3 Humanities Grade Descriptors