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Land Based Studies (Level 2 Technical Award)

The Technical Award in Land Based Studies is our flagship Level 2 qualification, bringing many aspects of our curriculum together in one place! Our approach will involve a truly cross curricular, multi-disciplinary and specialised delivery, making use of our specialist staff, local expertise and involving the whole team at different points throughout the award.


Level 2 Technical Award in Land-based Studies – Scheme of Work Overview

  Year 9    


Year 10


  Year 11
          Certificate of Competence in land-based topics (options)
Autumn 1 Exploring the use of Land:


Land use and management


  Use scientific principles to monitor health and wellbeing of animals:


Safe handling of animals and keep routine records

   Understand the range of technology used within land based industries:


Range of technology and design features

Autumn 2






Factors affecting land use and management:


Land based and associated industries

  Understand requirements of nutrition and growth for animals:


Structure and function of ruminant and non-ruminant digestive and excretory systems


  Preparation for synoptic assessment
Spring 1 Challenge and Conflicts in land use.   Signs of normal and abnormal health in animals:


Common diseases, signs, prevention and treatment

  Synoptic Assignment (External Assessment)
Spring 2  Understand the structure and function of plants:


Plant cells and the structure of monocotyledons and dicotyledons.

Process of plant growth to maturity

  Functions and sources of nutrients:


Plan diets for selected animals.

  Synoptic Assignment (External Assessment)



Revision for final examination.



Summer 1.



Use scientific principles for successful propagation of plants and crops:


Nutritional requirements of plants


  Synoptic assessment mock    Revision for final examination.
Summer 2 Use scientific principles for successful propagation of plants and crops:



Treatment of pests and diseases in plants.

Care of plants for optimum growth

   Application of technology in the land based sector:


Understand the role technology plays in the management of land based industries.

Roles for technology

Management of technology for the land based industries


External Work Placement Induction

   Final Examination



Certificate of Competence in land-based topics (options)


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